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Ryan Rauh

Introducing Simpleserve



For quite some time now I’ve really wanted a code free way to turn my current directory into a static webserver.

I’ve run into several occasions where I’m spiking out some javascript and ran into chrome ajax HTTP only policy.

I tried out python’s SimpleHTTPServer and found it plainfully slow and difficult to get install and working on Windows. Then I fell apon this nuget of awesome. I’m sorry I do not recall where I found this snippet it was late and buried in about 40 open chrome tabs from late night google searchs.

It’s pretty much exactly how I found it. Except I’ve tweeked the code a little bit to handle different OSs’ open commands.

So basically I’ve turned this little beauty into a ruby gem and now its totally awesome/tubular/radical man.

Teach me how to use it

  1. gem install simpleserve
  2. simpleserve

Thats it… yep its that simple. No codes, no config, no apache, no IIS nothing nadda just one command. Feel free to shoot me some feedback, or Fork Me



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